Drawings of vehicles, planes and parts all based on actual measurements taken in the field. 

Full Sets

Panther A, D and G - Scale 1:16
All variants (Early, Mid, Late)
Side, Top, Front, Rear views.
Drawings were created by Brunel
University based on actual
T34-85 - Scale 1:16
1943 - Side view only
1944 - Side view only
1945 - Side view only
1946 - Side view only
Spitfire - Scale 1:32
Mk VC & F lX

Bottom, Top, Front,
Left & Right
Mustang - Scale 1:32
Bottom, Top, Front, Left.

Single Drawing

Kurskriesel - Scale 1:1
Tank gyroscopic compass.
There is an excellent article by
David Byrden at his site on the
reasons and use of the
King Tiger Lubrication
Liejon Schoots excellent
diagram showing the layout
of the lubrication piping in a
King Tiger. This was done for
1:16 King Tiger build project
Drivers Vision Device
Missing Lynx had an interesting 
discussion on drivers binocular
device used in Tigers and other
German tanks. David Byrden
kindly supplied a drawing which
I used as the basis.
King Tiger Rear Plate
1:10 drawing based on
measurements taken on site