Tiger 712 - New section added
During the course of writing the book there several items we could not devote the space to which we wanted, or they required further research. A new section on the site has been opened where we have added these for discussion.


Book releases


We are happy to announce the simultaneous release of digital versions of both our new book  Tiger: a modern Study of Fgst. Nr. 250031, and our older publication The Panther Project Volume 1: Drivetrain and Hull. Both are now available via Pocketmags.

Tiger book released!

The digital version of Tiger: a modern Study of Fgst. Nr. 250031 is now on sale at Pocketmags for £19.99 - Link 

Panther - Digital release

Also available is a new digital version of The Panther Project Volume 1: Drivetrain and Hull for £8.99 - Link


This is where information on past current and future publications can be found. Progress updates can be found on the individual pages of each project. Currently we have one published book on the Panther and a Tiger book in the final stages of editing.

This section contains all manner of subjects and indeed media. Drawings, timelines, studies, individual subjects and lots more. Where possible these will be collaborative efforts with enthusiasts and experts in the specific fields of interest and all resulting work will be featured here.

Free PDF downloads! A cross-section of armour and aircraft drawings. These are planned as a starting point for an open source project where interested parties can request a vector version of drawings to alter as needed and then update the master here.

Our own occasional ventures into the madness of scale modelling

Various items which lend themselves to animation: flow diagrams, vehicle modification timeline, firing circuits etc

Items of interest on 712 that we discovered, and could not fit into the book, or needed more detailed discussion, or were better as animations.


We are a group who share a common passion towards the preservation and restoration of historical items of interest. Our aim is to professionally document, research and publish studies on significant subjects in a variety of media, for the wider public to enjoy.

In addition to the books we publish, this site will contain large amounts of information in the way of galleries, drawings, diagrams and research projects for free use of wider communities.

To this end we are also currently working in close co-operation with The Wheatcroft Collection, a privately owned collection of some 200 plus major military and civilian items. Our intention is to publish a series of books on important items within the collection, whilst also working with the collection to raise its public profile via its website. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Kevin Wheatcroft and his staff for the time, access, and help given without which we could not have accomplished our work to date.