From time to time I find something that I think can better be understood via an animation, or sequence. These can be flow diagrams, vehicle modification timeline, firing circuits etc

Maybach HP230 - Water cooling

A simplified view of the water circuit, showing the changes in temperature at various locations

Initial Tiger - Normal and Submerged Air Flow

Showing the airflow in both fighting and engine compartments during normal and submerged operations. 

King Tiger - Turret electrical circuits
Emanuele Esposito over at the Trumpeter 1:16 King Tiger project supplied the following diagram to clarify the wiring reticulation for the turret in the King Tiger - many thanks Emanuele . He was also was kind enough to update the drawing when new information came to light. Mouse over the circuit names at the bottom of the animation.

As an aside if you have not yet seen the vast amount of research and extraordinary model building on this project go and have a look now

Panther - 1943- 1945 Modification timeline

One of the most popular features of The Panther Project DVD is the Interactive Timeline that shows all relevant vehicle modifications, for a particular month of production, with one click. Simply mouse over to the desired year and month, then click to highlight relevant changes.

If anyone has well referenced data for a particular vehicle they can drop us a line and we will send a spec for the information layout. These are organic and will grow and be corrected as and when new information comes to light.

King Tiger - 1944-1945 Modification timeline

Based on the matrix supplied by Liejon Schoot and Rob Veenendaal

Chassis numbering confusion

Why do Tigers appear to have multiple Fahrgestell numbers in different places on the vehicle? This handy animation will explain.